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This is how it works!

From visit request to financial settlement and every step in between, ShipLogic ensures complete transparency in your harbour management. It's 100% reliable, user-friendly, and affordable for ports of all sizes.

Real-time overview of your harbour

At ShipLogic's core is a real-time geographical map offering a comprehensive view of your harbour areas and vessels, available 24/7. With a single click on any berth or vessel, access relevant details instantly. Utilise the time slider to examine past and future scenarios, providing insights into berth occupancy at specific times and projections for the coming days, weeks, or months. It's a convenient all-in-one overview of past, present, and future port activities.

Graphical quay and berth planning

You can plan new visits effortlessly by using the geographical map. Simply drag an expected vessel to the desired quay and berth and see whether it fits or not. The map offers an immediate overview of possibilities, enabling optimal utilization of all available berths, whether for cargo vessels or cruise ships visiting your harbour.

Every ship visit has its own dossier

In ShipLogic you can create a dossier for each visit, beginning the moment a visit request is submitted by the captain or shipping company via telephone, VHF radio or email. From that point onward, you can effortlessly and digitally monitor every step. Paper and Excel sheets finally become obsolete.

Declarations of seagoing vessels

In most cases, declarations of visits by seagoing vessels are made via the national Single Window. ShipLogic comes with Single Window integration in The Netherlands as standard, and the software is ready to connect other countries. If you're responsible for registering a vessel's arrival and departure times, ShipLogic will automatically report them to the national authorities. With this feature you are seamlessly connected to the Single Window, Customs authorities and SafeSeaNet without any additional effort.

Let captains register their own visits

Granting access to captains or shipping companies allows them to independently request berth visits directly through ShipLogic. This eliminates the need for phone calls, VHF radio communication, or email for routine requests. Berth allocation and all related information exchanges, including requests for berth changes, are conducted entirely digitally. This ensures transparency at every stage for all involved parties.

Registration of arrival and departure times

When a vessel arrives or departs, you can register the corresponding time while optionally comparing your observation with the AIS logbook in ShipLogic if desired. Utilise the integrated AIS data as a convenient source to maintain safety oversight and simultaneously manage and plan berth operations without any hassle.

Clear financial settlement

When a vessel departs from the harbour, ShipLogic can automatically calculate port, transshipment, and quay dues that are fully compliant with your regulations. You can then effortlessly send a pro-forma calculation to the captain or shipping company. ShipLogic can seamlessly integrate with your backoffice, enabling automatic sending of invoices and/or processing of assessments. Additionally, you have the option to collect payments via payment providers.

Comprehensive reports

ShipLogic offers a comprehensive array of options for creating clear reports, statistics, and more. With every visit stored and easily retrievable in ShipLogic, all data regarding these visits can be utilised for reporting. Whether you need to report on the utilisation of specific quays, support your maintenance scheduling, or even in the unlikely event of a dispute, you have the data to back your arguments.

ShipLogic provides numerous options and possibilities! We'd love to demonstrate what's achievable for your port. Why not arrange a demo? Simply fill out the contact form or give us a call at +31 85 - 051 60 54.

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