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That is how it works!

From visit request to financial settlement and every step in between: ShipLogic makes your port management completely transparent and transparent. 100% reliable, easy to use and affordable for every smaller and larger port.

Real-time overview of your harbours

At the heart of ShipLogic is a geographic map. It gives you a real-time view of your ports and the ships present 24/7. With one click on a berth or ship you immediately see all the details. You can also look ahead on the map. How is your berth occupancy over, for example, three days, a week or a month?

Graphic quay and berth planning

You can plan every new visit request in no time via the geographical map. On the map, you can simply drag an expected ship ahead in time to the desired quay and berth. You immediately see what is possible and what is not possible. Due to a different color, deviations are visible at a glance. You can thus make optimal use of all available berths. Both for the cargo ships and (possible) cruise ships visiting you.

Every ship visit has its own file

In ShipLogic you create your own file for each ship visit. This starts the moment the skipper or shipping company submits a visit request by telephone, VHF radio or e-mail. From then on you can easily keep track of every step digitally. Paper and Excel are really becoming a thing of the past.

Declarations oceangoing vessels

In most cases, declarations of visits by seagoing vessels  are made via the national Single Window. ShipLogic has an integration with the Single Window in The Netherlands already, and we're ready to connect other countries. If you are responsible for the arrival and departure times, they will be reported by ShipLogic to the government authorities. With this link you are linked to the Single Window without any extra effort and connected to Customs, the Royal Netherlands Marechaussee and SafeSeaNet.

Handle online from start to finish

By giving the skipper or shipping company direct access to ShipLogic, they can always create a visit file online and request a berth. Calling, contact via VHF radio or e-mail about a regular request is then no longer necessary. The berth allocation and all other information exchange, for example about shifting to another berth, is done completely digitally. Every step is transparent for all parties involved.

Registration of arrival and departure times

When a ship arrives or departs, you can enter the corresponding time while checking your observation against the AIS logbook in ShipLogic if desired. For example, you use AIS within the framework of the agreements with the industry, while you can use AIS nicely to keep an overview and to organize the management of the berths without hassle.

Clear financial settlement

After the ship's departure from the port, ShipLogic automatically calculates the port, transshipment and quay dues due in accordance with your regulation, if desired. You can then easily present this calculation to the skipper or shipping company. By making a link with your (municipal) financial administration, sending invoices and/or processing assessments is also fully automatic. You can also choose to collect via payment providers

Extensive reports

ShipLogic offers extensive options for creating clear reports, statistics, etc. Every visit can be easily traced back in ShipLogic, every action can be traced back. In the unlikely event of a dispute, you always have the history ready digitally.

ShipLogic offers many more options and possibilities! Have you become curious? We are happy to give a demo. This can be done at your office or online. Fill in the contact form or call +31 85 - 051 60 54 directly.

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