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Simply and safely connect

ShipLogic offers an affordable, world-class solution for harbour management suitable for any port, whether large or small. ShipLogic is truly cloud-based, so installation of specific software on your computer is not required. In ShipLogic, you and your colleagues will each have your own account with access to your port's environment. Any data is only accessible to you and the colleagues to whom you grant access.

Anywhere, Anytime

ShipLogic is available 24/7 from your PC, laptop or tablet. Whether you're in the office, working at home or walking around the harbor: ShipLogic is always with you. You can log in anywhere at any time and have real-time access to all functions. Assess visit requests, make berth plans, consult reports, etc: you are free to use ShipLogic when and where you want.

Service Multiple Ports at the Same Time

Are you responsible for multiple ports? In ShipLogic you can easily switch from one port to another. You can do your work for any location from a single screen. You have full control anytime, anywhere.

Worry-free Onboarding

As part of our onboarding service, when you log in for the first time, your harbours, quays, and berths are already registered, and your existing data has been transferred. ShipLogic utilises the ShipLogic Connect API to seamlessly connect to any external system for exchanging data to and from ShipLogic. For instance, integration with the financial system in your organisation enables efficient handling of invoicing port, transhipment, and quay dues, as well as assessments.

Unlimited Number of Users

The harbour's system administrator decides who gets access to ShipLogic and can grant and revoke access rights within the organisation. Moreover, every ShipLogic subscription includes an unlimited user licence, meaning any number of colleagues can register as ShipLogic users at no additional cost. 

Reliable Cloud Infrastructure and Professional Support

ShipLogic operates on Microsoft Azure, the largest and one of the most reliable cloud platforms globally. Utilising the latest techniques, Microsoft Azure ensures optimal security. Its 24/7 monitoring ensures seamless operation and continuous availability for you. For any technical inquiries, you can contact us for professional support during office hours.

ShipLogic provides numerous options and possibilities! We'd love to demonstrate what's achievable for your port. Why not arrange a demo? Simply fill out the contact form or give us a call at +31 85 - 051 60 54.

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