Logistics service provider L'Ortye opts for ShipLogic

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The three harbours of L’Ortye in the province of Limburg have chosen ShipLogic as their harbour management system of choice 

From its two inland ports in Maastricht and the one in Stein, the Limburg-based family business L'Ortye offers a wide range of logistics services. Customers can rely on L'Ortye for the storage, transshipment, processing, and transportation of bulk or packaged goods.

ShipLogic provides a user-friendly and efficient system that allows real-time monitoring of the three port locations and the loading and unloading of vessels from a single workstation. With ShipLogic, vessels, loading and unloading points, transshipment cranes, and rental of storage facilities are scheduled. ShipLogic offers L'Ortye extensive options for generating reports and recording all activities in the port.

Currently, L'Ortye is in the process of shadow running so that, according to plan, L'Ortye can go live at the end of this month.

For more information, please contact:

Guido Loeffen - L'Ortye
Wilco Vahrmeijer - ShipLogic

L'Ortye / ShipLogic


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