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From now on, it is possible to collect port fees directly through ShipLogic. Similar to an online shop: just through widely accepted payment methods.

From the initial contact with the skipper to collecting port fees, ShipLogic manages the process with professional harbour management tools.

Since its inception, ShipLogic has included an advanced harbour dues calculator and invoice generator. Invoices were traditionally sent through the finance department, which initiated the collection of harbour dues. But now, ShipLogic can also directly initiate the payment process through our payment provider interface.

Let's face it: Skippers naturally prefer not to pay harbour fees, but when they have to, they want it done as quickly as possible so they can bill their clients. With ShipLogic, you can now offer skippers a valuable service by promptly invoicing port fees.

The payment process is straightforward. The paying party receives an email with a breakdown of the harbour fees and a link to the payment page. The breakdown then specifies exactly how the harbour fees are calculated. The payment page operates similarly to making a purchase in an online store: it's familiar, fast, and secure.

Are your clients still paying via paper or PDF? Get in touch with us and assist your clients with efficient fee collection.

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