ShipLogic customer day a big success


The ShipLogic Customer Day 2024 was a big success! Informative presentations, live demos, lots of interaction, and valuable feedback. No doubt that this will be repeated...

The very first customer day for ShipLogic is now behind us. Users from all over the country came to the Delta Hotel in Vlaardingen. It was a fantastic success, with a great turnout, informative presentations, live demos of new features including our new app Ship Assist, interesting discussions, and plenty of interaction among attendees.

The afternoon session, where users could write down and explain their ideas on a board, and everyone could vote on them, was really enjoyable and inspiring. It was great to see new connections being made and lively information exchange taking place.

We were also very pleased with all the positive feedback. It became clear to us that our customers appreciate how we listen, provide support, and demonstrate dedication.

All in all, the customer day was not only enjoyable and useful for the attendees, but also for us. Being as curious as we are, the next day we immediately inventoried all the ideas, and interesting results emerged. Naturally, we will now incorporate this valuable input into our roadmap.

The core of our message: at ShipLogic, users are genuinely listened to, and they have an impact on the product's development.

Manfred Suttorp


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