ShipLogic is relocated!

ShipLogic has moved to a new place: Het Waalschip, right in the heart of the Port of Rotterdam.

It had been in the planning for some time, but when we unexpectedly got the opportunity a few weeks ago, we rolled up our sleeves and organised a relocation to a new location in record time. As mentioned: Het Waalschip in Rotterdam.

So, as of November 1st, just over a week and a half after the decision to move, we were in our new place. You might call this 'Agile'.

Het Waalschip, built by the Port of Rotterdam in 2001, provides space for businesses with a maritime focus. Here, we can work more comfortably and welcome visitors a bit more hospitably.

We have already settled in and are working enthusiastically on the growth of our premier harbour management system: ShipLogic. You're welcome to call us for more information.

Our new address is:
Albert Plesmanweg 43-K
3088 GB Rotterdam
The Netherlands

You can still reach us by phone at: +31 85 051 60 54

Manfred Suttorp


Need more information?

Call +31 85 - 051 60 54 or send an email to