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"Welcome aboard". As a passenger it is nice to be welcomed, but that also applies to skippers

Welcome aboard! Anyone who has ever travelled on a ferry knows this phrase. As a passenger, you are greeted on a ship that is about to depart.

A warm and sincere welcome is also appreciated by skippers upon entering the harbour. Some harbour masters welcome skippers via the radio. However, the radio is not the ideal communication tool to proactively refer to regulations, arrangements and facilities.

That's why ShipLogic has been expanded with a new module: the Welcome Email. It's very simple: a template for the welcome email is created once in ShipLogic, and after each ship visit is created, ShipLogic then sends a personalized welcome email to the skipper. In the email, you welcome the skipper, can include a link to the regulations, indicate what facilities are available, and how they can be used. You can also include the ship's details stored in ShipLogic.

Not only does this make the skipper feel welcome and informed about everything your harbour offers, but it also encourages them to provide any corrections to the ship's data. If you want to welcome skippers, proactively inform them, and involve them in quality improvement, then this module is exactly what you're looking for.

Wilco Vahrmeijer, Product and domain specialist


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